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How Social Proof Can Build Trust in Your Business When you are trying to grow a business it becomes very important that your potential customers grow to trust you. Getting people to switch over to your brand from a more established one can take some work, so this part of the process is incredibly important. One of the best ways to convince people that they should be using your services is to offer them social proof, which is also sometimes referred to as herd behavior. Using social influence is key when you want people to believe that other visitors or customers like your services or business. In some cases using social norm can be so powerful that it makes it seem like a choice outside of the norm if someone decides to go with someone else over you. Social proof comes from people’s peers so they will be less likely to see it as a marketing tactic. Ideally you will gather up plenty of customer reviews and testimonials which perfectly serve this purpose. Having your testimonials spread out on your website can be a more effective tactic than having a page of testimonials since people don’t necessarily come to the website simply to read the testimonials. Beyond testimonials it can also be incredibly helpful to get endorsement from celebrities or other well known entities who can give a boost to your reputation. The more relevant and powerful the influencer is, the better. Research shows that people really respond to photos in these circumstances, so be sure and add one alongside the endorsement.
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Sometimes people are hesitant to join email lists so they don’t clog up their inbox, but if you tell them numbers about how many other people have already done so they might be more influenced to join as well. This is the same concept behind having a social sharing button on your website, since people can see how many other people have already done so which legitimizes their choice to do so. There are also widgets that you can add to the side of your blog that will show the number of followers that you have, as well as your most recent posts. People won’t follow you if you aren’t actually posting on the accounts however, so make sure that you are consistent on there before you send people there.
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Adding on media logos can be helpful if your service or product has ever been featured in a magazine or otherwise referenced by a big company. You can also add what are called trust boxes which can include things like awards, ratings from official companies, awards that you have won, or even Yelp reviews.